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Fastdomain is a web hosting company since 2006. They are offering highest quality cPanel plan with cheap domain name registration. They are partner with Bluehost and Hostmonster to deliver highest quality services. This result in better service quality and improved after sales service too. What differentiate them is this brand is focus on domain registration and expect to get cheap domain price at here.

We have been hosting with Fastdomain.com since 2007. With this real web hosting experience, we are able to provide unbiased Fastdomain review and honest rating. Uses their products and services for many years and clearly see their growth and improvement. From our years of unbiased Fastdomain reviews, we have learned their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages.

Fastdomain.com Web Hosting

Is Fastdomain any good? Their service is reliable, control panel is powerful and with more features, running cost is low, and there is no issue with websites. This is a sure working cPanel plan and there is no secret hiding away after these years. There are many web hosts that are not as good as advertised, but this one is as good as we know it. Many years of real experience and had hosted few websites in here and registered a couple domains through them, we know this web host is dependable and they are serious in their business. They hires professional and gathered lots of human talent in order to deliver such a high standard in service quality.

Why Fastdomain is better? There are many cPanel companies to choose from, but not many of them are offering the whole package at affordable price. We have spotted a few advantages and this including their highly customized cPanel with 1-click SimpleScripts installer with large collection of open-source scripts. This plan include free domain name and site builder tool as well. Creating first website is like free and there is no need to pay for domain fee or site builder usage. It’s all inclusive. Besides, they also offer $200 in Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Yellow Pages listing and more. This make advertising work in future being covered and this is free too.

Unlimited features

What is included in Fastdomain cPanel control panel? They integrated domain registration and management into cPanel control panel and this allow easy management and control. This is all inclusive website management page, one login is all it takes. Account login is performed from official homepage and via secure access. This ensures highest security for all customer account.

Is their cPanel similar to Bluehost or Hostmonster cPanel? By comparison, features and tools are the same. What we found at here can be found at Bluehost and Hostmonster cPanel. As all three web hosting companies are similar, they are sharing software and using same platform for customer accounts. Here is the cPanel demo and preview.

CPanel control panel demo

Fastdomain domain price is cheap and only cost $11.99 per year, save $2.00! From domain manager page, choose to register for new name. In here check for their availability, search process is quick and easy to use. They even make suggestion and recommendation if search is no longer available. It is linked to auction page and show us alternative premium choice for purchase.

Fastdomain email service is working great and they are offering comprehensive email service and spam protection. It is complete with both Boxtrapper and SpamAssassin that allows user to create white list, black list and verification feature is an effective way to block spam mails. Furthermore, they are partner with Postini a premium spam protection service for a small fee per month.

Fastdomain webmail client is provided. We can check new incoming email either via client software or online webmail client. Right now, they provide Horde, Roundcube and SquirrelMail and accessible at URL:

e.g. http://www.fastdomainreview.org/webmail

Select webmail client of choice, and enter username and password to access.

Selection of Webmail Clients

Fastdomain Private SSL certificates is really cheap. Their shared hosting plan is e-commerce ready and suitable for online shopping store to sell product or services and accept payment online. They are now provide secure server and also shared SSL certificate as well. When collecting personal information, login information, or credit card information, it is crucial to setup HTTPS website and encrypt data transmitted between user browsers to web server. This is when SSL certificate is required and its price is now $45 dollars per year.

Fastdomain dedicated IP address is cheap too. There is no need to pay over fifty dollars for dedicate IP address anymore. Are you willing to pay such amount? At here, new dedicated IP address is just two fifty per month, or thirty dollars a year. With private IP, website appear isolated from others and this creating a virtual dedicated server environment.

Fastdomain Sitelock domain security is a useful add-on product. We prefer plan to be hosted in secure server and safe from hackers and malicious software. We are advising business and e-commerce site to take necessary precaution and choose to protect with Sitelock security feature. If it has been hacked before or currently facing security threat, this is time to upgrade to this domain protection and detect intrusion at first place. With Sitelock security add-on, choose which domain name to protect, and making sure its safe from virus, code injection, hacker intrusion and malicious software attack.

Sitelock Domain Protection

Is Fastdomain customer support quality any good? Regardless customer from local or outside US; call their support team via phone call, and speak to either support department or billing department. For within united state, call toll-free number as following.

Phone number is (888) 210-3278.

International phone number is 8017659400.

We used to call their tech support team in case of website downtime, its very easy to reach technical person and get those problem fixed right the way. For live chat service, waiting time might be longer because customer service agents are serving multiple clients at same time. There is waiting time and we need to wait for them to check server status and find the problem. It usually require at least 10 minutes to find source of problem and fixing it.

Fastdomain speed test rating is superb. We hate slow website hosting as much as you do. Get scam or cheated and end up in a slow service is the last thing to get. That is one main reason drive us to provide free web hosting reviews and testing for over six years and still counting. Same thing goes here, we test their server speed and check their response time too. Checked website speed and see how fast site get loaded. This website with 201 kilobytes in size is with total loading time of 1.86 second. And that is average transfer rate of 108 kilobytes per second.

For larger website, it will takes longer download time. In order to keep waiting time shortest, we have optimized site performance and uses various cache feature. All these result in improved website speed performance.

Website Speed Test

Fastdomain uptime rating is top rated too. Other than website speed, we want a web host that gives us the best uptime percentage too. We strictly do not recommend web host that guarantee poor uptime and nothing but trouble. That is why we keep checking for website uptime and check customer site statistic. For our Fastdomain review site which hosting with them, it shows an overall website uptime of 99.69%.

Website Uptime and Downtime

Our overall Fastdomain rating is very positive. Every web hosting company has their own pros and cons. In this Fast Domain review site, we look into very details and try to find all their advantages and disadvantages.

Overall Ratings and Votes

When you are going to host website with them and not sure what DNS to use, here are Fastdomain DNS fields:



Fastdomain account cancellation process is simple and reviewed here. It is rare to find a web hosting company that offering full money back guarantee for money paid. In case anyone found out their plan is really sucks or not as expected, this is time to ask for a full refund. There is no hidden charges or fees, assuming that you cancel in less than 5 days time. If their product is not offering features or other reason, do contact billing department via email and request for cancellation.

Fastdomain affiliate program pays for each referral. They have their own affiliate program or better known as partner program. At here, their affiliate program pays $65 dollars per successful new customer. This program is free to join and anyone can signup without any fees.

Fastdomain vs. Bluehost Hostmonster, which is the best? If you are comparing them with Hostmonster or Bluehost, this comparison review article will be a great help. First thing first, take note that Bluehost is main company that subsidies other two. In another word, these 3 web hosting company are the same. This explains why they all three offering very identical web hosting features, main different are in price. This is more obvious when reviewing their brand name, reputation and customer service quality.

This hosting is the newest in group and aimed for budget users. They offer good services with good technical support at very low price! Bluehost is most professional provider among all three. They are recommended to professional web users that demand highest server reliability and greatest technical support. Hostmonster is in between and giving a great balance between price and server uptime quality. We have been using all three of them for over five years. If you are interested to learn about their service uptime downtime, do visit our review page below for further details



Fastdomain Coupon, Discount and Promotion


For the pass few years, we have watched various types of Fastdomain coupons and promotion take place. Their web hosting price can be available with huge saving and near 50% in discount. For selected holiday and sales, their web hosting coupon price will return and offering the best price. For example, they are having this back to school sale and offers nearly half price off their shared web hosting plan. This Fastdomain discount price is now only $3.95 per month and valid for those activated discount link by clicking image below (no complicated coupon code to remember).

Back to School Sales

Take advantage of this Fastdomain promotion price today. No coupon code or password to enter, just activate the link. Get to save up to $24 dollars by following special link above. After this promo price has ended, their price will return to the previous $5.95/mo and that is most people are going to pay.

Latest Coupon Activated

Fastdomain rebates and cash back is available here. While others are paying regular pricing, get same service at nearly half price off with this rebate link. This is instant direct rebate and no waiting time require. This rebate has been valid for several years and lots of new customer already getting this offer. We have partnered with them to make this possible via their special discount $3.95/mo. This is a limited time deal and it valid for year 2007 to 2009 only.

Next, we have our own cash back program and rewarding customers to write their testimonial and send it to us. For those willing to spend some time write us their web hosting experience are entitled for one time five dollars cash back. Everyone have a hosting account can take part in this program and earn a one time reward money. This as an appreciation program and rewarding customer in return for their effort.

For many years, we have been offering free marketing credits to new customer. Anyone signup with their shared hosting plan are entitle for this and get their hands into huge collection of online advertising coupons including Google Adwords, Yahoo Search and Facebook coupon too. Here is the preview taken from our account.

Free marketing coupon

For year 2013, they start offering Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) service for free to their customer. Yes, all new and existing customers that have an account can log in control panel and activate free domain acceleration service from CloudFlare. There is no signup cost either and no need to activate any Fastdomain coupon code for this free service. This is limited time promotion, check with their website for any changes in future.

Free Cloudflare CDN

All Fastdomain’s customer are now entitled for this special promotion with mobile site builder at discount price. Yes, all customer can now signup with this goMobi mobile site builder tool and use it to create mobile compatible website. Their promotion price is now only $4.99 per domain.

Mobile site builder included

Fastdomain now with free search engine submission. This is new freebies for their customer. A free search engine submission service has been added into our account. After log in to cPanel, you will be able to see a search engine submission link. Fill in website domain name, email address, and description and proceed with search engine submission. Why submit website to search engine via this tool? Simple, it guarantee the fastest exposure and let search engines know your new site existence and get it indexed soonest possible. New site that doesn’t submit to search engines can wait up to few months before even get indexed for the first time.

Website Compatibility and Installation Test


Setup WordPress at here is very simple, especially when using cPanel to do installation job. Probably it takes 2 minutes to complete it. Once your blog is installed, give it a nice design theme, and start posting your own blog article. This Fastdomain review is created using WordPress scripts which is available for free via their open-source licensing.

We always prefer WordPress blogging platform and it is also the most popular open-source blog tool out there. Installation is made easy with new SimpleScripts installer that provides quick access to over 100 plus free scripts. With all these convenient, we are able to setup blogging site in a few minutes and it any selected domain in our account.

Wordpress Demo Site

Hire a webmaster to create personal or corporate website? That would be an expensive solution. For quickest solution and best result, we would recommend looking into few open-source scripts like Joomla, Drupal or Mambo scripts. These three are famous content management script that allow user to easily setup new website. It is simple to customize and manage in future.

Fastdomain (also Bluehost & Hostmonster) is using cPanel control panel and ready with SimpleScripts easy installer that offering the latest scripts. Anyone can setup Joomla in this hosting plan or having multiple sites running all together.

Joomla Website Test

Within SimpleScripts, we can find up to 9 CMS scripts available for free installation. Most popular choices are Joomla and Drupal, these are famous choice and we love using it. This Drupal installation is quick and light weight, it can run from any shared hosting plan without problem.

Drupal CMS Test

Both osCommerce shopping cart and Agora cart is supported by their shared hosting plan. Hosting osCommerce at here is easy, user can use SimpleScripts (1-click installer) to setup or via manual FTP upload and install method. Once shopping site is up running, add products into online store and link to third-party payment processor like PayPal, 2CO, etc.

For our simple test, we are choosing 1-click installer. Follow simple steps and setup a new cart in sub-directory.

OSCommerce Installed

Their features are similar with what you can find at their partner sites. Previously we had tested vBulletin installation at both Hostmonster and Bluehost, and a new forum site was able to run normally. This time, we will continue our testing to setup vBulletin.

By making thing quick and simple, we already have vBulletin script 3.81 version uploaded to server while starting to write this article. At this point, the script already completely uploaded to server, and we can proceed with multiple steps installation. It takes some time, as there are many upgrading steps require by vBulletin script. We managed to pass all installation process and final result is a running vBulletin at here. We test it, browse through new site, create a new member account and make new thread posting. Its working normally, server performance is good too!

We have tested their shared hosting service for various forum website. This simple plan is supporting most open-source software and it can be used for hosting small scale community site that getting few hundred or thousand of visitors per day. Choose scripts that offer highest efficiency and lightest to run, don’t go for heavily built or over sized forum site and put it in shared plan, it won’t works no matter how you tweak it after.

VBulletin Forum Test

From our test, this shared hosting can be a great place to host photo gallery. Are you requiring an affordable cPanel web hosting plan that allows you to host common photo gallery site running Coppermine script? And allows you to use as many disc space and as many bandwidth as you require?

They provide 4ImagesGallery and Coppermine image gallery scripts ready for quick installation. We most preferred Coppermine; we find it most powerful and offering lots more features. Actually we had run a demo setup of Coppermine in our hosting plan. And tested out photo gallery site; upload new photos, create photo album and post, viewing and sharing photo online. The test is simple and quick, result is impressive and gallery site is running quick and loading smoothly.