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Is this Fastdomain worth the risk to take? Their homepage remain the same for over five years and we are not spotting much new changes from them. However this Fastdomain is offering supreme quality cPanel plan and awesomely cheap domain name registration. We know this is true via our many years of Fastdomain reviews and research activity. And we have been hosting here and they’re partnered with Bluehost and Hostmonster to deliver highest quality services. For those signing up today, we have Fastdomain coupon and discount price available in here too.

Why Fastdomain is better? There are many cPanel companies to choose from, but not many of them are offering the whole package at affordable price as found here. They have really affordable cPanel hosting and really cheap domain registration when you need to own more domain names.

Fastdomain Homepage

Besides all the best feature, their hosting package includes some extra bonus features for free. Following are the additional features included:

  1. SimpleScripts installer for automatic scripts setup.
  2. Online forum and bulletin board.
  3. Poll and survey software.
  4. Social networking software.
  5. Image gallery software.
  6. Mailing list and form-mail scripts.


Fastdomain rating is very promising. Every web hosting company has their own pros and cons. In this Fastdomain review site, we look into very details and checked their feature list carefully and put some of it into test. From few years experience, we have rated them with a good rating of 8.6/10.


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This unlimited web hosting plan is with all the best feature and it permit multiple website in one user account and it is called unlimited domain hosting. This is a standard feature and more commonly found in cPanel hosting nowadays. This mean customer can register for more domain and host it here in their account.

Do you need to register for additional domain? They did offer really cheap domain registration and their lowest price is now $11.99, this is $3 dollars cheaper compare to other registrar pricing. In domain manager page, we can perform domain search and purchase any available domain of choice. Once this is completed, it will be added into account and available for management right here.

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All these years, we have watched various types of Fastdomain coupons and promotion take place. Their price have been available with huge saving and near 50% in discount. For national holiday sales, this web hosting coupon price will return and offering the best price.

They are having this back to school sale and offers nearly half-price discount. This Fastdomain discount price is $3.95 per month and valid when activated following discount link by clicking image below (no complicated Fastdomain coupon code to remember).

Fastdomain coupon $3.95

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Fastdomain Simplescripts and Mojo marketplace is integrated free. Gain full-access to one-click application installer and manage your website installs from here. In this Simplescripts, they provide one click install functionality…

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Fastdomain Sitelock security is a useful addon product. We prefer plan to be hosted in secure server and safe from hackers and malicious software. We are advising business and eCommerce site to take necessary precaution and choose to protect with this Sitelock security feature. If it has been hacked before or currently facing security threat, this is time to upgrade to this domain protection and detect intrusion at first place.

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Is Fastdomain uptime good or sucks? They promised a 99.9% online availability. Did they keep the promise and delivered this? Their service uptime rating is top rated too. For our Fast Domain review site which hosting with them, it shows an overall website availability of 99.69%.

For two other partner site, namely Bluehost and Hostmonster, their service uptime for the same duration are very similar too. Check out Bluehost uptime and Hostmonster uptime and see the difference today.

Fastdomain uptime

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What is Fastdomain affiliate program all about? They have their own affiliate program or better known as partner program and it pays $65 dollars per successful new customer. If you are having a website that is visited by webmasters or users that requires a web hosting service, this program should be considered. They are offering good amount of sales commission rate and they payout twice in a month. That is the program biggest advantages.

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We used to call Fastdomain customer support team in case of website downtime, its very easy to reach technical person and get those problem fixed right the way. For their live chat service, waiting time might be longer because customer service agents are serving multiple clients at once.

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How to login Fastdomain cPanel account? It’s really simple, account login is performed from the official homepage and via secure access. Or we can use our domain name directly, for example

They have done a huge modification at the backend and especially on this cPanel software. They have integrated in domain registration and management into cPanel and allows easy management and control. This is all inclusive website management page, one login is all it takes.

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